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Our commitment for software delivery

Quality is stressed in each of the development phase, right from conceptual design through to  requirements definition, construction, documentation, testing and deployment.  This helps to reduce costs and prevent defects for greater customer satisfaction. All developers joining our team goes through an orientation which stresses on quality standards before commencing at the shop floor. 


The scrum method has an inbuilt quality assurance process built in; by end of play, our developers turn in the code to the product owner on a daily basis, thus retaining complete source-code control and at  the same to review the daily progress and feed back any changes to the development team.  The daily  sprint meeting also dwells on the achievements so far and the sprint backlog which helps to maintain a continuous focus on the scope of the project.  


An assigned member of another team peer-reviews the code upon reaching each of the milestones. This is important since a fresh pair of eyes can potentially spot any variance which current developers might get used to. This review helps to maintain the adherence of coding conventions besides being able to  critique or spot inherent defects from a newer perspective.